Promote Sustainability


Employee decisions that are made on a daily, weekly and monthly basis translate into sustainability benefits.


GoSpaces provides companies with employee driven sustainability reporting which provides live insights into costs, and carbon offsets.  


GoSpaces also creates awareness around environmental, social and economical contributions in order to encourage a healthy work-life balance for employees

Maximize Space

GoSpaces allows enterprises to maximize the potential of their real estate assets and spaces. 


This enables companies to fully leverage vacancy and avoid over-investing in space. 


With GoSpaces, we provide you with a fully integrated reservation system that will enhance and measure employee feedback. 

Engage Employees

GoSpaces supports workplace change management, which drives positive employee engagement. 


Features like employee challenges and leaderboards reinforces corporate and social responsibility.


Employee engagement enables the gamification of workplace decisions and experiences while simultaneously creating a rewarding and fun work environment!

Quality Premises

Users can create and submit service tickets to a reliable HelpDesk 


GoSpaces provides an easy and friendly interface that provides you with the ability to submit photos, videos and voice clips.


Employees take charge of their work day, while enterprises are informed about maintenance with crowd sourcing.

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