Live Analytics

See how your enterprise functions on a daily, weekly and monthly basis with our desktop analytic features. Capturing trends, economical savings and employee satisfaction has never been this easy. 


Maximization of corporate real estate

GoSpaces not only benefits the user by enabling modern workspace features and flexibility, but helps enterprises maximize their corporate real estate. See how your spaces are being occupied in real time, allowing you to make informed decisions on sustainability and usage. 


Constant data flow

GoSpaces provides live data, delivered right to your fingertips. 


Take charge on monitoring trends,  maximizing quality of spaces, contributions, service ticketing and overall user satisfaction. 

Maximize Space

Flex space, geo mapping, flexibility and modernization of meeting space reduces time in transit, cost of transportation and boosts daily productivity.

Quality Premises

The simple, intuitive intake of service tickets transferred into advanced analytics allows facility management to identify and address recurring issues.


Translate employee contributions into sustainability benefits.

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