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Get Ready to GoSpaces!


GoSpaces is an innovative application designed to help modernize your work day by simplifying your daily challenges. We provide you with the tools to increase collaboration, productivity and overall satisfaction. You can challenge your co-workers to increase social contributions while decreasing environmental impact!


GoSpaces allows you to book meeting spaces, rate your room experiences and submit facility management requests. We aim to seamlessly adapt with busy schedules and make day-to-day tasks that much easier - while driving progressive, social, economical and environmental contributions. 


GoSpaces delivers the most exclusive features over any other collaborative workplace application.



Increase overall user satisfaction by introducing the ability to control a more convenient and flexible work environment while increasing productivity, efficiency and overall impact.



Help users become aware of their daily personal and corporate contributions, making your work place  a green one. 





Utilizing corporate time and space more efficiently through user input while tracking analytics and managing progress. 





Increasing productivity by minimizing travel and reducing carbon footprint.

Record environmental activities, company contributions and measuring environmental impact.

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